How to get Kovan testnet tokens

This tutorial recommends using Google browser, and you need to have successfully installed Metamask wallet. I won’t go into details about the installation process of Google browser and Metamask wallet. If you have any questions, you can find tutorials on the Internet.

This tutorial mainly explains how to receive multiple tokens on testnet for the Ethereum Kovan required for xDeFi test activities.

Note: Each Metamask account corresponding to each ip address can only receive test tokens once, otherwise it is an invalid test account.

1. Firstly, you need to receive the ETH of the Kovan testnet.

Method 1: To receive test coins through, which is only suitable for users with Github accounts.

Click on the link above and log in with your Github account.

After logging in, paste and enter your Metamask account address.

Then click the “Send me KETH” button, and then check your Metamask account. If it is normal, you can receive ETH test tokens.

Method 2: To receive test coins through

Click the above URL to enter the website, and click “SIGN IN TO START TALKING” at the bottom to log in.

There are three ways to log in: gitlab, github, and twitter. You can choose to log in with your existing account.

After logging in, paste and enter your Metamask account address in the dialog next to your avatar at the bottom.

Then you need to send your address to the chat box, wait for a while, in the chat box you will receive @your transfer information. Check the Metamask account, if normal, the ETH has also arrived.

2. You can receive multiple test coins required for xDeFi activities.

Click on the link to enter the website, and to get

test coins .

Please make sure to log in with the account you have already received kovan ETH, and then click “Get Kovan Test Tokens”.

Then you can click the “Confirm” button in the pop-up box of Metamask wallet.

If it is normal, you can receive the “withdraw success” web page prompt and the browser Metamask successful operation prompt.

Then copy the following test token addresses in turn.

You need to find the “Add Token” button of Metamask wallet, click “Custom Token”, paste the corresponding address of various test tokens in the token contract address, and the token symbol and decimals of precision will be automatically identified.

Then click “Next”, the symbol and amount of test tokens to be added will appear, click “Add Token”.

Normally, the test token has been successfully received and added to your Metamask wallet.

As long as you follow the same operation in order to receive and add other test coins.



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