The second award-winning on testnet about xDeFi

4 min readMar 3, 2021

The protocol stack of xDeFi was launched on the Ethereum Kovan testnet on December 15, 2020, and successfully completed the first testnet prize-winning from February 7th to February 21st, 2021(UTC+8).

During the first testing, the entire site had more than 10,000 UV in a single day, more than 4,000 people participated, and more than 7,790 Streams were created. A total of 9.94 million XDEX was locked. The Total Liquidity reached 10 Billion USD and the Total Volume reached 25 Million USD. XPT shares reached 860,578.

Screenshot of the “HalfLife” page of the testnet
Screenshot of the “Data” page of the testnet

At the same time, test users also gave feedback on many constructive improvements. Thank you very much for your active participation. The reward list of first test and the bug feedback are still under final review and will be announced at a later date.

Technical colleague have successfully repaired the bugs reported in the first test. In order to further check the missing parts and improve the product experience, the second testing activity is specially carried out. The test tasks and requirements are the same as the first time. All users are invited to test and experience Swap, Pool, Farm and HalfLife functional modules. During this testing activity, valid users participating in the testing activity can once again share 100,000 XDEX (not including bug rewards) token incentives.

Activity Time

2021.03.03 13:30 AM- 2021.03.10 13:30 AM (UTC+8)

Activity contents

Activity 1 : Experience xDeFi immediately and share 100,000 XDEX

Activity reward : 20 XDEX/person

Reward quota : First-come-first-served, this test will automatically end after the reward is issued.

Way of participation : Get the test coins through the faucet, you can view “How to get Kovan testnet tokens”.

  • Log in to ;
  • Connect to the Ethereum Kovan test network through the MetaMask wallet ;
  • Complete the following operations on xDeFi through the Kovan testnet :

a. Exchange (Swap) ;

b. Add liquidity, remove liquidity ;

c. Create stream with xHalfLife.

Activity Details2021.03.03 13:30 AM- 2021.03.10 13:30 AM (UTC+8), all users who complete tasks (3 times Swap + 1 time to add liquidity + 1 time to remove liquidity + 1 time to use xHalfLife to create a stream”)on the Koven testnet as required will have the opportunity to share event rewards.

Each user can get up to 20 XDEX until the 100,000 tokens are issued. After xDeFi is officially launched on the Ethereum mainnet, the XDEX token rewards on mainnet will be issued to the MetaMask address of each eligible user participating in the testnet activity.

Activity 2 : Find bugs and win rewards

Activity reward : 500 XDEX/ Bug

How to participate : If you find any bugs caused by platform problems during the “Activity 1” testnet experience, you can scan the QR code below to submit the bug description through the questionnaire, and you can also give us feedback on your experience and suggestions. After the xDeFi team confirms the bug as a valid bug, when the mainnet goes online, users who submit valid bugs will be issued 500 XDEX/bug rewards to their reserved Ethereum wallet address.

Activity Details :

a. When multiple users submit the same bug, the user who submitted the bug first will get the bug reward.

b. The same user can submit up to 3 bugs. The user reward is calculated according to the total number of adopted bugs, and each person can accumulate up to 3 times.

c. Users can check the bug adoption status and award status through the follow-up articles of this official account of xDeFi.

​Precautions for this test

  • All rewards will be issued to the Ethereum MetaMask account address reserved by the user after the protocols are launched on the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Each IP corresponds to only one MetaMask account address, and the account creation time (the first account transaction record) requires more than 2 months. If there are multiple addresses, only the account with the most rewards will be issued rewards;
  • The final interpretation right of this test belongs to the xDeFi team.