The Tutorial about xDeFi’s Yield Farming

5 min readMar 24, 2021

1、Login to xDeFi for buy and sell‌

link to xDeFi:

It will be automatically linked and signature is required ( no gas cost) if your wallet is Metamask. The other wallets shall be activated accordingly.

‌The Balance on the Swap page shows the token left in your wallet. If you have never traded with the account, please click unlock for approval. You can set your own transaction rules( including Slippage Tolerance,Interface Settings)by clicking little gear icon. Others are the same as common transactions, just by clicking Swap to buy and sell.

2、‌Provide liquidity‌

By clicking POOL at any page, you will come to the pool.‌

You can either create liquidity pools or add or cancel liquidity to the existing pools as well as search pools by clicking search button. For those pools named farming, by adding assets, one can start its liquidity farming.

3、How to add liquidity

In the first place, choose the pool that you want to add liquidity, by clicking ADD, then there you are.‌

Adding liquidity can be divided into two parts, multi assets adding and the single asset adding. The difference lies in the first one is being added directly, while the second one is being added when the asset is converted automatically to multi assets, which with appropriate ratio to the pool, basing on the current transaction prices.‌

Likewise, you should click approve ( gas is cost) first, if you have never unlocked any assets in the pool. The number shows red if your asset is lacking.‌

To facilitate your operation, we provide four kinds of ratios 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. By clicking on one of them, your asset shall be filled in accordingly.‌

At last, you can add your liquidity by clicking Add Liquidity button.

‌Single asset and multi assets have same procedures except for you should firstly choose which one to go through.


Enter in farming by clicking the Farm button at the top of any page.‌

There are main pools and normal pools. The main pools are characterized by fast speed, slow unlocking, normal pools are the converse. you can choose either of them, and enter in directly.

After entering the farming page, there are three messages on the left side: Earned, Unlocking, and Withdraw. Earned stands for the number of tokens that you have dug in all the pools below but still need to be unlocked. The unlocked number is the token you are unlocking. The number that can be withdrawn is tokens that you can withdraw directly to the wallet.‌

Harvest and Withdraw are on the right corner.‌

Click harvest button, you can withdraw earned tokens added to the unlock for unlocking. The unlocking value means your voting rights, and the larger the value is, the more voting rights you have. If the earned tokens are not transferred to unlocking process, no profit or voting rights will be obtained.‌

Click the withdraw button to withdraw the tokens that can be withdrawn directly to your wallet.‌

It should be noted that the three items earned, unlocked, and withdrawable on the upper left side of the ordinary pool are the sum of the income of all ordinary pools, instead of the income of a single pool.‌

When you click Harvest or Withdraw, you can only harvest or Withdraw from a single pool.

If you do not approve, you need to click Approve to allow farming.‌

If you do not have the liquidity certificate (XPT) of the farming pool, namely, you have not deposited liquidity in the farming pool, the deposit and withdrawal of the farming pool are grayed out. In this case, you can click on other place of the farming pool to enter in the liquidity pool of the farming pool. For depositing liquidity, please refer to the previous chapter on add liquidity.

‌Click Confirm and start to farm after depositing the liquidity certificate (XPT) .


Entering into the page by clicking Halflife on the navigation bar.‌

Clicking on Pool, you can check the status of each stream.‌

Clicking on Mine, check streams relevant to yourself.‌

Clicking on New, create your own time lock for stream payments.‌

Clicking on Details, check details of each stream.

‌Create halflife

‌Click the select token input, you can select the token in the list, or enter the ERC20 address of a token in your wallet.‌

Click the total amount of capital flow token input box and enter the number of tokens that you want to send. The maximum amount of each currency in Halflife needs to be approved (for example: sending usdt, the maximum allowed amount was 100 before, if you want to send 1000 this time, you need to be re-approved).‌

Click the Recipent address and enter the ERC20 address you want to send to.‌

Start block fill in the start block of halflife, we automatically fill in the block 6 hours after the current time for you.‌

please fill in the number of blocks required to unlock once in the interval block, representing K in the formula.‌

Unlock Ratio should be the percentage of each unlock, meaning the ratio in the formula.‌

Half-life formula reference:‌

The time needed to unlock the half of the current‌