xDeFi Airdrop Invite Competition

The xDeFi’s protocol stack has launched on the Ethereum Kovan testnet on December 15, 2020, and from February 7, 2021, all users have been invited to test and experience Swap, Pool, Farm and HalfLife functional modules with prizes. In order to let more users that played DeFi pay attention to the xDeFi and experience related functions, we specially launched an activity of “Invite friends to follow xDeFi and win massive rewards”.

​Activity time

Activity contents

Way of participation:

Activity Details

2. The top 3 users with the highest accumulated scores will receive special rewards.

Prize Pool:
A total number of 168k XDEX are prepared for the airdrop!

Top 5000 participants will get 30 XDEX (You have to get more than 260 entries to be qualified.)

1st winner: 10000 XDEX

2nd winner: 5000 XDEX

3rd winner: 3000 XDEX

The rewards will be airdropped to the ERC20 wallet submitted by valid users after the competition ends and the project goes live on the mainnet. Please pay attention to the follow-up related award information.

Good luck everyone !!!

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